ByteMobile Insight - Big Money From Big Data

By Hardik Shah

Over the past several years there has been a substantial rise in the amount of data delivered over mobile networks. Owing to increasingly mobile lifestyles, users are consuming data on more mobile devices, more often than ever before. One of the most data hungry services used is video.

While the volume of mobile data consumed continues to grow substantially, revenue from mobile data services is not growing on the same trajectory. As such, mobile network service providers must find new revenue streams, or cut costs in order to remain viable businesses. One way that mobile network service providers are looking to achieve this is by leveraging the vast amounts of subscriber behavior data they collect to produce timely business insights. These can either be used internally or sold as a premium, advertising platform.

Sprint and Verizon are two examples of mobile network service providers that are turning their knowledge of subscriber behavior data into new revenue streams. Pinsight Media+ from Sprint leverages first-party data from millions of mobile users to offer advertising services with extreme precision in targeting the right audience, in the right place, at the right moment. Verizon Precision Market Insights uses actionable insights derived from the nation's largest wireless network. This provides a 360° view of subscriber behavior that helps marketers better understand target audiences so that they can engage them more precisely, and ultimately transact with them more profitably.

ByteMobile Insight with 360° Subscriber View makes this capability available to all mobile service providers. In this article we take a closer a look at this offering, how it works and some of the uses cases.ByteMobile Insight With 360° Subscriber View

ByteMobile Insight, a big data analytics solution for mobile network service providers is designed to provide immediate, actionable intelligence based on a 360° subscriber view of data usage for mobile operator monetization, marketing and customer care organizations. By providing operators with a comprehensive view of mobile data usage, the new solution enables them to create new revenue streams, improve marketing effectiveness, increase subscriber loyalty and reduce cost.

Creating a 360° Subscriber View requires information to be collected and aggregated in five dimensions as shown in the diagram below. This is truly a big data problem.

  • Descriptive Analytics: By collecting transaction data from, for example, a ByteMobile Unison or T3100 platform, or from other network elements such a DPI, the Insight solution develops a historical profile of subscriber behavior – the sites they visited, the apps they, from which devices and so on to get a complete picture of data usage.
  • Location Analytics: By integrating with the Operator’s location services, the Insight solution correlates application and content use with subscriber location. The analysis can be done at the regional level, the venue level or even at the retail location. With this information, the Operator can uncover opportunities for delivering better service and for monetizing this knowledge by proving it to third parties for a fee. (For example: Are users looking for a cheaper product on Amazon while in a retail outlet? What can the operator do to support the retailer and extract additional value?)
  • Inferred Analytics: By integrating CRM data, the operator can further correlate usage with demographic information such as age, gender and behavioral segment. In the event that the operator does not have this data (for instance if it is a pre-paid subscriber), the system can begin to intelligently infer demographic information about that subscriber from its usage. The solution can then categorize users into named segments such as ‘Automotive’, Gadget Geek’, Sports Enthusiast’ that the operator can use to better optimize its pricing plans, as well as to increase the value to 3rd parties of the aggregate subscriber profile data.
  • Diagnostic Analytics: This is all about developing an understanding of the users’ mobile data experience so that the mobile network service provider can use this information to maximize the performance of their business. By analyzing a subscriber’s User Experience Index (UXI), the platform can track the user QoE associated with content, publisher site or application. For example, for a heavy video user, the Operator can assess experience quality across locations, websites and applications. The Operator can use this data to optimize pricing plans and as a basis for developing joint content partnerships that deliver premium user experience. This data also allows service provider sales and marketing to correlate between poor experience and churn.
  • Predictive Analytics:  Building on all of the previous elements, predictive analytics is forward-looking: will a subscriber buy a car; will they upgrade; will they extend their plan; will they churn? The solution can use CRM churn data, for example, to construct a predictive model that can help operators proactively target subscribers before they churn. The model is augmented with factors such as user experience, data usage, competitive carrier website visits, and location specific performance. All of these factors can be used to infer a propensity to churn and to permit the Operator to proactively address subscriber concerns before they churn.

The ByteMobile Insight Solution addresses these five dimensions of subscriber analytics in an aggregated & coordinated manner, providing the operator with a full 360° view of subscriber behavior and, more importantly, results that follow from that view. Now let’s take a look at how the insights can be used.

From Insight to Business Outcome

The insights can be used to affect business outcomes in three broad categories – Monetization, Marketing and Customer Care.


ByteMobile Insight enables operators to create all-new revenue streams by monetizing usage and location data with third parties like advertisers, bricks and mortar retailers, and even the mobile device manufacturers.

  • Publishers and brands can track performance versus competitors, benchmarking their mobile presence by device, location and demographic
  • Device manufacturers can access device-specific usage and experience data to address performance and usability issues
  • Advertisers can precisely measure the effectiveness of mobile campaigns


This category looks at how the marketing organization within the mobile service provider can make data driven product management and marketing decisions that maximize the size of their subscriber base, the revenue from these subscribers and ultimately business profit.

  • Marketers can access a complete view of data and location usage across the mobile network, gaining actionable intelligence derived from network usage and CRM data
  • Report templates provide immediate, on-target metrics to share with advertising, product, pricing and device teams who can use this to create the right product offerings
  • Fine-grained segmentation capabilities and pricing models help improve service uptake and develop new offers
  • Pre-defined scorecard reports provide quick snapshots of the week’s gainers and losers in app usage, web traffic, promotions and more

Customer Care

This is all about enabling the mobile service provider to keep the customers they have by ensuring they are getting the experience they expect.

  • Customer care representatives – and subscribers themselves – gain insight into how subscribers use their data, enabling them to better manage the customer experience, promote loyalty and reduce call volume and duration
  • Enter Text HereCustomer care representatives can more effectively assist customers experiencing bill shock due to a poor understanding of data usage
  • Operators can provide data usage information directly to customers, empowering them to manage their own plans and usage
  • Operators can identify applications that might cause a poor experience, enabling customer care teams to proactively address issues before a subscriber calls

How does it work?

This description is based on the diagram of the system shown below.

ByteMobile Insight accepts feeds from any number of network elements through a Data Ingestion (DI) layer. The more data sources available -- like location, CRM and network performance -- the richer the subscriber profile becomes, and the more sophisticated the analysis and the more valuable the processed data output is, to both to the operator and to third parties.

At the Data Processing (DP) layer, all the transactional data sources are first correlated and aggregated. The aggregated data is then enriched with CRM information such as demographic information and categorized via a catalog engine. The catalog engine has been built over the last 5 years and can categorize 90% of US Internet traffic. The data is then compressed and sent to a Data Hub (DH) for master aggregation, analysis and storage. ByteMobile Insight can currently process data through Hadoop and store it in Netezza, Oracle and Teradata databases.

The output of the Insight Solution is delivered in the form of specific “insights” such as marketing, monetization or customer care analytics, which are then made available to individuals and departments, which then may share information with 3rd parties, as desired via web UI and extracts. The aggregated and enriched data can also be fed into operator’s data warehouse systems for custom ad hoc analysis.Conclusion

Built on a carrier-grade analytics platform, ByteMobile Insight is a purpose-built solution encompassing data acquisition, processing and business intelligence. It collects and enriches usage, location and customer relationship management (CRM) data from a wide variety of sources, including ByteMobile platforms deployed in the mobile core network. Actionable intelligence is delivered to any operator organization via a sophisticated, interactive user interface as ready-to-use reports or via API or file extracts. The solution is designed to operate on a stand-alone basis or integrated with other big data architecture elements. In this way, mobile service providers can use it to derive additional revenue and profit from the data they collect in their networks.

A Note on Privacy
The ByteMobile Insight solution allows network operators to configure various policies to protect subscriber privacy. For example, a subscriber’s personal data can be anonymized at the Data Ingestion (DI) layer. At the Data Processing (DP) layer, further privacy control rules can be put in place to limit the processing of information to subscribers that ‘Opt In’. The solution also restricts access to authorized personal data by enforcing access control at the Insights (BI) layer.