Global study finds complexity to be root cause of security challenges

A large global IT security study discovers organizational complexity and outdated technologies top the list of major security concerns across businesses and industries

With today’s threat landscape and constantly emerging technologies, organizations need to take proactive measures to defend themselves. Protecting their data—in use, at rest, in transit—has never been more important. And as more organizations adopt the cloud, identity and access management is a top priority.

A global study by Citrix and the Ponemon Institute surveyed more than 4,200 respondents across 14 countries. The study revealed global IT security trends and reasons why security practices and policies need to evolve to deal with threats.

IT security trends

Here are some of the key findings from the study:

  1. Complexity = risk: 83% say their organization is at risk because of the complexity of business and IT operations.
  2. A new framework is needed: 74% of businesses say a new IT security framework is needed to improve security posture and reduce risk.
  3. Poor security deployments: 70% say their organization had made investments in IT security technology that was not successfully deployed (shelfware, for example).
  4. Unapproved and rogue app deployments: 65% of respondents say their organization is not able to reduce the inherent risk of unapproved applications— increasing the risk from shadow IT.
  5. Unmanaged data is at risk: 64% say their organization can’t effectively reduce the inherent risk of unmanaged data (such as data downloaded onto USB drives or shared with third parties, or files with no expiration date).
  6. Talent pool is small: Only 40% say their organization is successfully hiring knowledgeable and experienced security practitioners.
  7. Emerging tech is the key to the future: 70% say big data analytics, 77% say machine learning, and 78% say identity and access management are the keys to reducing the security risk over the next two years.
  8. Possible solutions to reduce risk: 53% say a unified view of users across the enterprise, 48% say becoming proactive to keep up with new or emerging attacks, and 72% say staffing improvements are solutions to improve their overall security posture and reduce risk.

Key cyber security statistic: Almost 70% of respondents say their organization’s existing security solutions are outdated and inadequate.

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These statistics make it clear: organizations are looking for a security infrastructure that will meet their needs as new technology, devices, and threats come onto the scene. Citrix solutions help address these concerns—allowing you to remove complexity, reduce risks, and develop a future-proof strategy that’s right for your business needs.

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Download the full report to learn more about the biggest security challenges businesses are facing today.

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Source: Ponemon Institute Report, The Need for a New IT Architecture: Global Study

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