Reliable IT Without IT Experts – The Key Benefits of DaaS

Premium chocolate producer and distributor Pierre Marcolini Haute Chocolaterie had a dilemma: how to let its premium boutique staff focus on selling chocolate instead of managing IT systems? The award-winning Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini had grown to 14 stores worldwide including boutiques across Belgium and in fashionable destinations such as Paris, London, Monaco and Tokyo. They were in the business of creating the delicacies of a customer’s dreams – not managing IT servers.

In-house servers had been located in less than ideal locations and required a significant amount of capital expenditure, as well as maintenance time and budget. With stores open 365 days a year, IT challenges on weekends caused significant problems for the staff. The firm needed IT systems to support commerce and wanted to focus on the core business of transforming the cocoa bean to chocolate delicacies.

“We aimed to externalize the IT competence to a hosted solution,” explained Geoffroy Timmermans, head of business development for Marcolini. “We needed access to solutions via any computer in any country through an Internet connection. If someone was entering or leaving the company, we needed a flexible solution to give rights or access to data.”

After researching options, Marcolini chose hosted desktop solutions from Citrix partner Net Computer Group – this allowed the chocolaterie to focus on producing and marketing chocolate, while still running a growing worldwide business.

The key benefits of a hosted desktop solution:

  • Worldwide consistent access to critical reporting systems: Whether staff is in Belgium or abroad, they can use any device to access the critical applications that run the business.
  • Scalable solutions for potential growth: A key advantage to a hosted solution is the potential for growth – they can be reactive to opportunity without having to worry about whether or not the infrastructure can support it.
  • Smooth transition to hosted IT solutions: Moving from internal systems to a hosted infrastructure was a smooth transition for Marcolini.

Citrix-based DaaS solutions from Citrix Service Providers provide complete PC-style Desktops-as-a-Service for applications and email securely delivered over the web. Desktops-as-a-Service are simple to buy and easy to manage, with no software for IT to maintain.