The Future of Education

The world of Healthcare meets the Internet of Things with possibilities limited only by our imaginations.

By Matt Hyne

Education is one of the last major industries to experience significant technology disruption and transformation. For years, technology in the education system has been modelled after manufacturing by manufacturing knowledgeable individuals using a process that resembles a production line. We are now moving to a world where education is more about learning experiences personalized to the student. Learning can no longer be a set amount of time that aligns to specific foundational degrees or training; it can occur anytime and will continue to occur while “students” enter the workforce. Technologies are bringing contextual opportunities to the learning experience as well as enhancing the learning experience and the “classrooms” where learning occurs.

Citrix believes the key areas for the future of education are:

  • Lifelong learning is the new norm, and employers are expecting workers to embrace this model.

  • Students will have greater control of their personalized learning needs.
  • Creative skills and “trade” skills will be important in the future of work, requiring the educational content to be dynamic in time and delivery for the future worker. 

  • Massive Online Open Courseware (MOOC) becomes a core part of consuming education and learning with requirements of lifelong and personalized learning. 

  • Institutions will be forced to adopt to a hybrid curriculum and restructure to fit the needs of students.