Update Your WAN Optimization Solution – 5 Key Capabilities

Review some of the key business-driven IT trends and resulting use cases where WAN optimization can make an important contribution, such as supporting increased video consumption and accelerating cloud-based services.

Today’s organizations are rapidly adopting emerging technologies to increase efficiency, reduce costs and stay competitive. To provide coverage for initiatives like virtualization, video and cloud computing, organizations must also adjust their WAN optimization strategies or face concerns like deteriorating performance and escalating costs.

Some of the key business-driven IT trends and resulting use cases where WAN optimization can make an important contribution include:

Maximizing virtualization investments

Today’s organizations are embracing desktop and application virtualization to simplify IT operations, reduce desktop TCO and improve security. The main challenge lies with remote and branch office employees, where intervening WAN connections can increase application and file load times exponentially. Modern WAN optimizers have key capabilities to help address these problems.

Supporting increased video consumption

The consumption of video content is on the rise, but video viewing places considerable demands on an organization’s network and can cause a poor experience and slower response times. WAN optimizers – particularly those that supplement core optimization features with video-specific quality of service (QoS), caching and compression capabilities – can help improve performance.

Providing in-depth visibility and control

Today’s IT departments must manage and ensure the performance of increasingly complex applications and initiatives, which creates a greater need for in-depth visibility and granular control over what is happening on the WAN. Advanced WAN optimizer capabilities can help by allowing IT to proactively uncover issues, troubleshoot problems and improve performance.

Simplifying branch office infrastructure

Organizations are under pressure to consolidate branch office infrastructure and reduce operating costs, even as the number of branch offices increases to support initiatives like geographic expansion. WAN optimization helps address these objectives by enabling IT to serve many applications to branch employees from highly efficient, consolidated datacenters.

Accelerating and connecting cloud-based services

Cloud delivery models are transforming today’s businesses by providing highly scalable, resilient and cost-effective delivery of IT services. WAN optimization can support these services by enabling a secure, optimized bridge for transferring workloads and data between the primary datacenter and the cloud (or an alternate datacenter) and by optimizing delivery of cloud-hosted applications and services to employees, no matter where they are located.

Whether your organization has already deployed WAN optimization or not, it is time to look at how the right solution can make a big difference for the latest generation of business- driven IT technologies and initiatives.

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