Russian Ski Resort, Alpika Service, deploys Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenServer for a more flexible and scalable IT-infrastructure

Alpika Service is a Russian ski resort opened in 1993. The resort is located on the picturesque slopes of the Aibga Ridge. Alpika Service needed to create a modern IT-infrastructure, capable of solving any business problem. To do this, the company needed a technology system that would have centralized management, secure communications and data transfer, as well as secure access to the information system. They chose Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenServer. These technologies met all of their requirements, and provide reliable control of IT-infrastructure.


Alpika Service chose XenDesktop because it allows them to deliver virtual desktops to users with support for HDX. XenDesktop allows users' to access virtual desktops on servers in the data center. The user workspace is equipped with a specially configured computer or thin client remotely which allows them to connect to their virtual desktop. They chose XenDesktop because it provides FlexCast technology, which allows Alpika Service to provide the appropriate type of virtual desktop for each user, depending on the specifics of the work and the requirements of software and hardware. This approach reduces total cost of ownership.

They liked that the XenDesktop solution allows them to configure and distribute applications and desktops centrally, thereby providing a single infrastructure for the administrator to provide Alpika Service employees with the necessary resources to do their work.

The XenServer virtualization platform helps Alpika Service manage their cloud, desktop and virtual infrastructures. It enables IT organizations to significantly reduce the number of servers in the data center and more efficient use of existing hardware resources. XenServer delivers best-in-class performance for desktop virtualization by integrating virtualization platform from XenDesktop. It also provides the highest density of virtual machines and optimizes storage operations and protects the network of virtual machines for a comfortable end-user experience, while providing control by the IT department.


  • Reduce the total volume of energy consumption and costs for workstations
  • Replace outdated equipment for workstations
  • Protect corporate information
  • Centrally manage server infrastructure
  • Improve fault tolerance subsystem access to IP
  • Reduce the potential for theft, loss and / or unauthorized destruction of corporate information
  • Improve the quality of service to users, reduce time and costs for customer support
  • Improve ease of administration and maintenance of IP users
  • Simplify the process of preparation of workstations and management
  • Reduce the number of problems with the non-performing client software modules
  • Centralize accounting and license management

The main advantages of the solution:

  • Secure concurrent access to corporate information
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface for the users
  • The high level of application security and intellectual property
  • Fast delivery of applications to all users, wherever they may be
  • Optimization of application delivery infrastructure, and desktop
  • The possibility of the entire system even in the event of server failure
  • Administrative tools for monitoring and support staff
  • Extensive scalability
  • Automation of management processes, which increases the flexibility and dynamism of the IT department and reduces costs
  • Maximize the performance of applications that improves efficiency


Alpika Service worked with experts at COMPLETE, "gold" partner of Citrix. They provided the design of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and completed the deployment of the solution, including the installation and configuration of the necessary equipment and software. Through the introduction of virtualization solutions for desktops, operating systems, transfer of employees to a virtual environment Alpika Service has received:

  • More flexible management of computing resources systems and their distribution between active users
  • Centralized management and high availability of the system - all working people are moved to a virtual environment, the maintenance of which is marked 3 servers and 1 storage of data
  • Enhanced data security
  • The ability to administer the entire infrastructure, desktop virtualization with a workplace employee IT-department
  • Almost 10-fold reduction in power consumption of the park PCs (instead of 55 jobs with the consumption of energy in the 200 to 300 watts - 55 thin clients with consumption of 20-24 W + complex server hardware 500-600 watts)

The implemented solution allows the IT infrastructure of Alpika Service to be more flexible, scalable, conveniently administered, safe and fault-tolerant. The company managed to create a modern IT-infrastructure, capable of solving any tasks in the field of IT.

Future Projects

The successful deployment of XenDesktop and XenServer has allowed Alpika Service to start planning for the further implementation of Citrix products. In the future, their expansion of services will be supported by the virtual infrastructure of the Citrix products, as well as the use of virtualization, not only to support user services, but also for system automation. Furthermore, the scalability of XenDesktop and XenServer will allow Alpika Service to extend it to a larger number of jobs.

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