Baker Tilly BVI Limited

Baker Tilly, a leading firm of accountants and business advisers in the British Virgin Islands, provides international clients with a variety of services including auditing, accounting, and taxation. Eighty percent of Baker Tilly’s workforce of tax advisors, auditors, managers, and others work in the field.

The Challenge: Simplifying and securing mobile access and email for non-BlackBerry devices

Baker Tilly employees were using BlackBerry devices to check work email, calendars, and contacts. And while there are still some BlackBerry users, many workers wanted to use iOS or Android devices. Due to strict internal security policies, Baker Tilly had to find a solution that would protect confidential information on non-BlackBerry devices and allow employees to continue to be productive out in the field.

La solución: Deploying secure mobility and email with a simple, fast, and seamless user experience

Baker Tilly chose Citrix XenMobile and, in particular, Citrix WorxMail because of the rich features that let workers perform a variety of tasks on their mobile phones, on both personal and managed devices. Previously, some workers were relying on their laptops to finish tasks. Baker Tilly’s IT department has found XenMobile easy to install and manage on a daily basis. It’s easy, for example, to shut off access and secure data if employees lose or misplace their phones. “We needed to find a solution that would help us prevent information from walking out the door. XenMobile was the right solution for us,” says IT manager Norman Allen.

Beneficios principales

Simplifying access for mobile users across platforms

XenMobile makes it simple for iOS and Android users to enroll their mobile devices and quickly get up and running with WorxMail, to stay on top of appointments with its secure calendaring features.

Improving productivity with mobile access

Baker Tilly’s employees are constantly meeting with clients in the field, and they now have the tools they need to accomplish work on their mobile devices rather than waiting to use their laptops back at the office. The result? A noticeable increase in productivity.

Meeting internal security requirements and preventing data loss

Like many financial services organizations, Baker Tilly has strict security policies. It now has a mobile solution that is user-friendly and protects company information including email. With the end-to-end security of XenMobile, which includes encryption of data on devices and in transit, Baker Tilly is much more confident that its data is secure.


To continue to drive worker productivity, Baker Tilly’s team is actively looking at Citrix ShareFile to help employees securely access their files, including email attachments, from their mobile phones.

Acerca de Citrix

Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS) es una empresa líder en espacios de trabajo móviles, que une servicios de virtualización, movilidad, de redes y de nube para permitir nuevas formas de trabajar mejor. Las soluciones de Citrix permiten la movilidad empresarial gracias a espacios de trabajo personales y seguros que proporcionan a las personas acceso instantáneo a aplicaciones, escritorios, datos y comunicaciones en cualquier dispositivo, en cualquier red y nube. Este año, Citrix celebra 25 años de innovación que hace que TI sea más sencilla y las personas más productivas. Con unos ingresos anuales en 2013 de 2,9 mil millones de USD, las soluciones de Citrix se utilizan en más de 400.000 organizaciones y por más de 100 millones de usuarios en todo el mundo. Obtenga información en

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We needed to find a solution that would help us prevent information from walking out the door. XenMobile was the right solution for us.
- Norman Allen

Administrador de TI

Baker Tilly


Beneficios principales 

  • Simplifies access for mobile users across platforms
  • Improves productivity through mobile access
  • Helps meet security requirements and prevent data loss

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