Central Delivery of Applications in Česká Pojišťovna, Generali group: project benefits 7 years after

The main Czech insurance company Česká Pojišťovna decided for a Central Delivery of Application (CDA) based on CITRIX products 7 years ago. The company used to run very heterogeneous environment. The whole infrastructure was operated in one datacenter only. Non-consolidated storages, very patchy application portfolio that was not well registered. Security politics were hard to enforce (especially for external users). The main expectation of transformation consisted of IT management simplification, secure mobile workstyles enabling and security level increasing. CDA - the highly available and reliable solution was required (SLA 99,99) and delivered. Let’s check the benefits acquired over the years.

The challenge was endpoint consolidation with respect to high expected SLA

At the very beginning of the 17 months CDA project there were local infrastructures, low standardization level of IT services and arduous endpoint management. It was necessary to consolidate and centralize the whole infrastructure and sort out the application portfolio. The Platform for CDA was designed and implemented. Endpoint management became efficient as well as the user support. Nowadays there is a secure and highly available workspace with the benefit of significant TCO cut. Based on a stable and satisfactory platform a potential for improvements such as XenMobile enterprise mobility and NetScaler balancing and firewalling took a turn in the debate.

Highly reliable solution for application and desktop delivery
Application and desktop delivery solution designed by ORBIT is based on XenApp/ XenDesktop and NS.

#1 Key benefit -
Simplified IT administration, improved security, and significant cost savings reached

– Thanks to CDA platform customer is able to manage user workspace centrally at the moment. Nowadays, most of user PCs are replaced by thin clients that can be managed remotely. Desired returns were achieved (3 year ROI). TCO for desktop management significantly reduced – customer states TCO dropped by more than one-third. On the other hand, the quality of IT service and security increased. The new workspace is easier to maintain, highly available and flexible. It is open to any platform and any kind of device that allows the customer to react quickly and effectively to new business challenges.

#2 Key Benefit –
Accelerated service delivery through the unified portal based on SaaS principles

Application delivery is as fast as simple – it takes about 1 day to test the new application and it is about minutes to provide it. Users can reach their apps easily by unified multilingual portal, no matter what a kind of device. The customer can provide applications remotely to the external users among partners regardless to their environment. That approach draws on SaaS principles. To secure and optimize delivery of web services to the internet zone, NetScaler had been implemented. It perfectly protects the platform as a web application firewall and brings significantly better possibility of auditing.

#3 Key benefit -
Attained 99,99% SLA and passed tests to prove the solution stability

Thanks to the comprehensive analysis of customer’s environment many of the potential problems had been predicted and thus prevented. The CDA was built precisely on experienced technologies. There was a requirement for HA on the entire level of SLA 99,99. To assure that, maximum automation of the management of the entire environment is required. To prove the stability of solution, final test were carried out. The stress test was passed to verify the ability to operate from a single data center, disaster recovery test demonstrated switching operation during power failure. Long-term smooth run provided the strengths of solution most of all.

Looking Ahead

Consistent, consolidated and centralized infrastructure and application portfolio was achieved as a result of the transformation. CDA contributed to a project of data center migrating that went without a hitch. Customer runs on a current version of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum now and enjoys secure and highly available workstyles as well as the benefit of significant TCO cut. Expected 3 years return of investment was achieved as expected. On top of that, the customer decided to implement NetScaler for load balancing as the replacement for current Cisco solution. Nowadays, there is XenMobile project to assure enterprise mobility management for flexible mobile workspace.

Thanks to the new IT approach, that started by CDA implementation as the groundbreaking project, IT department and users learned have learned to be more mutually beneficial.
- Petr Štengl

IT Department Director

Česká pojišťovna, a.s.

CDA enables us to efficiently deliver an application to whatever appliances for Česká pojišťovna employees as well as for external partners. We are now able to continually support user needs as the number of users and devices grows up. The benefit is also the very positive impact on operational costs for virtualized environment
- Petr Štengl

IT Department Director

Česká pojišťovna, a.s.



More details also on ORBIT website:
Case study and client video: http://www.orbit.cz/en/projects/reference-projects?start=3


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Benefits stem definitely from the fact that applications are delivered centrally, so I always have the most up-to-date version of an application at my disposal.
- Tomáš Rampula

head of the KS team, corporate insurance,

Česká pojišťovna, a.s.

Key Benefits:

  1. Simplified IT administration, improved security and significant cost savings reached
  2. Accelerated service delivery through the unified portal based on SaaS principles
  3. Attained 99,99% SLA and pass tests to prove the solution stability

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