Construction services company enables mobile workforce and enhances employee collaboration with Citrix ShareFile

Founded in 1949 by the Cianchette Brothers, Cianbro is now one of the United States’ largest, most diverse, successful, open shop, and 100 percent employee-owned construction and construction services companies. Presently operating in more than 40 states, 12 markets, and employing over 4,000 team members, Cianbro manages and performs projects in the civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, fabrication, and coating areas.

The Challenge: Eliminating employee usage of personal file sharing services and regaining control of how data is accessed, stored and shared

To help address these challenges and the mobile requirements of the company, Cianbro was in search of a solution that would allow their workforce the ability to access, store and share data securely while also providing collaboration and mobility. Cianbro’s corporate security policies do not allow the usage of consumer-grade and personal file sharing services by their employees due to concern around security risks; however, many of their employees were using personal file sharing accounts. In addition, Cianbro had data widely distributed throughout the organization and in some cases had multiple versions of the same files in various storage areas, taking up unnecessary storage capacity. Cianbro was also looking for an enterprise file sync and sharing solution that supported file collaboration on a range of different devices to support their mobile workforce. Auditing and reporting were also top requirements for the company, assuring that proper security and management controls were in place with the new system.

“We wanted something simple, where you didn’t need to be on the intranet and which offered data security and various storage options,” says Joe Kennedy, IT Service Delivery Director at Cianbro.

Cianbro selected ShareFile Enterprise to address all of these challenges. 

The Solution: Enable secure file sharing and collaboration while allowing IT greater control with Citrix ShareFile

Cianbro considered several enterprise file sync and sharing services. The company selected ShareFile for its secure file sync and sharing capabilities and file collaboration features that gave their employees the ability to work together, no matter their location.

“People had difficulty finding documents, making collaboration problematic,” says Kennedy, IT Service Delivery Director at Cianbro. ShareFile enables Cianbro employees to work from anywhere and get access to files securely while also enhancing productivity. The program offers the visibility and control IT needs as well. Since Cianbro uses other products like XenApp and XenDesktop, ShareFile is a natural fit with the rest of the environment.

Key Benefits

Allows remote workers access to data from any device, anywhere, at anytime, while enabling collaboration

After Cianbro’s decision to change from a regional focused company to a market focused structure, mobility became a key part of their decision making. More than 70 percent of Cianbro’s employees are mobile, so mobility was a key driver in the decision to use ShareFile. Whether in the office, in the field, or at home, employees needed a highly secure solution that would enable access from any device, at anytime, from anywhere. The range of these different mobile devices includes iPads, iPhones, and Surface Pro tablets. The files had to be shared internally and with outside vendors, customers and clients. “We needed a solution for Cianbro Team Members which would allow them to collaborate,” says Kennedy. Collaboration became a top use case for Cianbro and after looking at other file sharing solutions like Microsoft OneDrive for Business, they found that the alternatives didn’t compare. “OneDrive is basically a place where you can save documents, but for true collaboration, we didn’t feel it was there yet,” stated Kennedy.

Allows control and visibility into data that is being accessed and shared

Cianbro used ShareFile to regain control over how data is accessed, stored and shared. They have been able to improve the user experience for their employees. Employees are now able to see what files they have access to, easily find the targeted files and collaborate with others - no more endless searching.

“Being able to share and manage files with employees and customers while being aware of when someone downloads a file gives us more visibility and control,” says Kennedy.

Cianbro also uses ShareFile’s data expiration feature to keep storage growth in check.

Adhering to data security requirements and eliminating personal file sharing solutions by implementing ShareFile.

Cianbro has a policy that prohibits the use of personal file sharing services. These services put corporate data at risk because the organization is unable to track what files are being uploaded, downloaded, and shared. “Data security continues to be a top priority for Cianbro. Controlling data exfiltration, enhancing encryption technologies and educating users about Cyber Security are three areas of focus right now. Citrix Sharefile helps move us towards our goals,” says Russ Rodrigue, Cianbro’s CIO/CISO. Persuading employees to abide by company policy was essential for Cianbro, and the company needed to make the move to ShareFile quickly. The ShareFile solution helped improve their security and business continuity.

Looking Ahead

Cianbro continues to expand its ShareFile deployment and foresees more use cases to arise in the future. “ShareFile is a great solution and very user friendly. Our employees are excited about how the Citrix solution will help address their specific needs,” says Joe Kennedy. 


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