ifb group benefits from productive collaboration and fast and easy support

Consulting company ifb group specializes in finance and risk management. The group supports its clients with strategies and business concepts, including processes and IT systems as well as the subsequent implementation. Approximately 250 consultants support more than 800 clients worldwide. ifb has offices in Germany, the United States, Canada, Austria, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Switzerland.

The challenge: Efficient cooperation and IT support from any location

ifb’s consultants are almost constantly on the road meeting with clients and colleagues in other locations and so the company looked for a video conferencing solution that would enable them to more easily collaborate from any location,

"With regard to meetings we had no proper structure,” said Rolf Loevenich, IT manager at ifb group

“Actually, there were only a handful of Netviewer Meet User accounts that have been used from time to time. However, employees did not have the opportunity to take advantage of an online meeting solution and had to deal with conference calls and on-site appointments. Cooperation was complicated and not very efficient. "

ifb also faced growing demand for more flexible working arrangements and so the company needed a solution that would provide effective communication and IT support for all employees.

GoToMeeting for all
Loevenich evaluated the market for inexpensive and easy-to-use solutions that would enable employees to collaborate ‘face to face’.

"We were working successfully with Citrix for some years,” said Loevenich. “We currently use XenApp 6.5. It was therefore very important that the new solution fit easily into our existing infrastructure.

"We selected GoToMeeting. It is a streamlined solution which offers a wide range of features that meet all our requirements. Moreover, it is secure and was a lot cheaper than its competitors. For us it was a clear win-win situation and we decided immediately to provide our entire workforce with access to GoToMeeting.

The number of possible meeting participants was, according to Loevenich, ideal for ifb. "With a maximum number of 25 participants GoToMeeting ensures that everyone who should attend a meeting is able to do so,” he said.

Another feature of GoToMeeting, which Loevenich saw as very positive, is its integration with Lotus Notes.

Deep and productive meetings
All 250 consultants at ifb use GoToMeeting regularly to collaborate intensively and efficiently within their teams - completely independent of whether they are driving or working from home or from their globally distributed offices.

In addition, ifb staff use the web-based online conferencing solution to have meetings with customers and prospects.

"By using the screen sharing feature to switch presenter and to hand over the keyboard and mouse control to other participants, meetings with GoToMeeting are much more productive than teleconferences. Fewer meetings are needed to arrive at a conclusion," said Loevenich.

GoToWebinar strengthens team spirit
ifb also makes use of GoToWebinar and GoToAssist from the Citrix portfolio. GoToWebinar supports large meetings and events for up to 1,000 participants. "Of course we do not use the solution as often as GoToMeeting,” added Loevenich. “However, we carry out a number of internal training sessions with GoToWebinar.

“Sometimes even larger events such as our annual summer symposium will take place, which involves all of our internationally distributed employees. Here GoToWebinar allows them to participate in the opening speech and other presentations.

“The tool helps our lead generation programs because it provides functions that integrate participants and that help evaluate the event's success."

GoToWebinar has a fast transfer rate and low bandwidth requirements and the tool strengthens the "we-feeling" in the company because employees can participate in large internal conferences, presentations from management and other important meetings. Finally, the implementation and use of the solution is completely straightforward.

Fast support for customers and employees
ifb has replaced a number of different applications that were previously used for IT support with the market-leading solution, GoToAssist. The previous solutions required a high level of maintenance and were overloaded with unnecessary features. This was impractical for the small IT team, which needed an easily manageable solution to cater for the needs of 300 employees and 150 customers, for which ifb acts as an external IT department.

The company realized that it could optimize the working processes through the use of a single solution with an integrated ticketing system. GoToAssist consists of three modules for remote support, monitoring and ticketing, which can be bought either as a package or individually. ifb opted for the remote support and service desk modules and is very satisfied with their integration. The solution features multi-session support, which enables ifb’s IT team to hold up to eight remote support sessions simultaneously.

"This feature was, for us, one of the main requirements for a support solution as our team of eight needs to support around 450 people," said Loevenich.

Citrix portfolio allows mobile ways of working
ifb’s employees are grateful for the new solutions as they support their mobile working. The consultants can now collaborate with their teams regardless of location - on the go, at home or elsewhere. Thanks to the flexibility and ease of handling, the products are used extensively.

All Citrix products are designed very intuitively - that's the feedback we get from users, In addition to the perfect integration into our existing infrastructure, they are very easy to maintain and the administration has been reduced tremendously. Instead of a lot of time spent maintaining software, my IT team can focus on other tasks.
- Rolf Loevenich

IT manager

ifb group

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