With Enterprise Mobility solution for more efficient processes and improved customer service

The Swiss electrical wholesaler Otto Fischer makes his IT fit for the mobile workforce: With the Enterprise Mobility Management Solution Citrix XenMobile the company can now not only tablets, smartphones and mobile business apps securely manage, but also increase the efficiency of business processes. The mobile employees of Otto Fischer AG have the go at any time access to all necessary applications and documents and are thus able to respond more quickly to customer requirements.

The Otto Fischer AG, headquartered in Zurich is one of the leading electrical wholesale company in Switzerland. Already founded in 1899, the company is successfully performed to date as a family. Otto Fischer currently employs approximately 300 employees and supplied with its comprehensive product and service offering, the electrical installation industry in the whole of Switzerland. Customers can choose from an assortment of over 250,000 items - about 35,000 of which are available from the overnight camp in Zurich-Altstetten.

Innovative solutions and technologies not only form the core business of electrical wholesaler, they also characterize the internal processes of the company. 1999 Otto Fischer AG launched its first e-commerce offering, 2005 was already the entire flow of goods without paper, 2006 saw the first online mobile shop on line - and since 2010, customers can also iPad and iPhone Apps place their orders. "We are always striving to develop our business with innovative approaches to offer customers real added value," says Martin Oser, head of computer science at Otto Fischer AG. "This also includes our own staff with the latest technologies optimally in everyday life support."

Users need on the go easy access to information

What has changed is the daily work in recent years. Especially through the collection of mobile technologies More and more users want to access while on the go with tablets and smartphones on business applications, e-mails and company documents today. Aussendienstmitarbeiter in sales, as well as numerous employees from marketing, engineering and management are therefore now equipped with iPhones and iPads. Thus new challenges for IT arose: "We were looking for a solution with which we can manage the mobile devices securely and at the same have full control over the mobile used applications and data."

The IT partner UP GREAT developed an enterprise mobility concept, which fit exactly to the needs of the business for Otto Fischer AG. Technologically, the concept was implemented with the Citrix solution XenMobile. "We have the use of XenMobile recommended as the solution covers all areas of enterprise mobility management and thus supports a holistic strategy," says August Hochrainer, Team Head Enterprise Mobility at UP-GREAT.

A key requirement of IT managers by Otto Fischer was from the beginning: All employees should be able to use their mobile devices both personally and professionally. "Nobody likes to wear multiple devices around with them," says Martin Oser. "We therefore had first thought of a BYOD model, we then but decided instead to allow to company-owned tablets and smartphones private use."

Secure management of mobile devices, apps and data

Are managed mobile devices with Mobile Device Management component of XenMobile. The IT department can ensure that safety settings and configurations for all mobile devices centrally manage and assign role-based. To register a new device, a user only needs to download the Citrix App Worx Home from the App Store and enter their user data. All necessary security policies are based on the user group then automatically loaded onto the terminal and all applications provided, the user needs for his duties. Manipulated devices - such as jailbroken iPhones - are automatically blocked.

For safe disconnection of private and professional content on the mobile device, the MDX technology ensures XenMobile. Business applications run in protected containers, which are completely isolated from the rest area. If a business app needs access to the internal network of the company, builds XenMobile a Micro-VPN tunnel through a Citrix NetScaler appliance in the data center. The entire data exchange takes place via so application-specific encrypted connections. The IT department of Otto Fischer also has the ability to add custom security policies to each managed about XenMobile App. The Administrators can specify that users must re-authenticate at regular intervals, to view a specific business app may for example.

Also a solution for secure mobile file sharing is included in XenMobile: With Citrix Share File Users have the go access to documents that are located on a central storage system in the data center. Users can save this data in an encrypted area on your mobile device, synchronize between different devices and share securely with other users. The IT department maintains full control over the access rights and provides anytime, who retrieved the business information. XenMobile also makes it possible to erase Share File data or the centrally managed apps in the MDX containers selectively.

"With XenMobile we can make business and private use of company-owned mobile devices very clean separated from each other," says Martin Oser. "Basically, we have almost no matter what personal invite Apps users on their devices - business apps and business data are always reliably protected by the container technology."

Sustained workflows improve productivity and customer service

But security is only one side of Enterprise Mobility - The second important aspect is the issue of productivity. "The strength of XenMobile is that the individual components work together very well and the various business apps on MDX Interapp communicate securely with each other," says August Hochrainer. "This allows companies to develop integrated mobile workflows for their business processes."

How such a workflow may look like Martin Oser explained using an example from practice: "As a wholesaler, we offer our customers a variety of product documentation and marketing materials. Previously our field staff therefore had to take numerous customer appointments brochures, catalogs and documents. All these documents maintains our marketing department now in our central Share File System. Our sales representatives have so at customer appointments at any time access to the latest information materials. About the secure email app of XenMobile You can send links to selected documents to its customers immediately. By Share File infrastructure in the background we simultaneously ensure that sensitive documents - such as price lists - not accidentally fall into the wrong hands ".

In other situations helps XenMobile of Otto Fischer AG to improve customer service. The field staff of the company accompany clients often on construction sites, to advise them on site when selecting the required electrical components. With the Enterprise Mobility solution, you can now not only more information about the customer's order, but also attach a photo, which shows the exact place of delivery of the goods. The staff in the order acceptance by Otto Fischer can be forwarded directly to the own delivery service this photo. As a result, these mobile workflow results in improved delivery precision and fewer incorrect deliveries - and thus also to higher customer satisfaction.

Views: Otto Fischer wishes to extend use of XenMobile

Both the end user and the IT and business managers of Otto Fischer see the capabilities of Citrix XenMobile consistently positive. "Right now, we are going to integrate more functions into the environment," says Martin Oser. "We have, for example, now tied our Citrix XenApp environment and provide users via the Enterprise App Store of XenMobile now also supports Windows-based business applications. In addition, we intend to expand the range of mobile apps on. With UP-GREAT we have for a very competent partner on our side, showing us how to make optimum use of the technical possibilities

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We have the use of XenMobile recommended as the solution covers all areas of enterprise mobility management and thus supports a holistic strategy.
- August Hochrainer

Team Head Enterprise Mobility



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  • Secure management of mobile devices, apps and data
  • Sustained workflows improve productivity and customer service

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