Remote management of mobile devices to facilitate the daily life of the city of Oulu

Oulu Information Technology has introduced mobile device management system that will facilitate the development and management of the City of Oulu mobile services. XenMobile-based system the Citrix

Oulu Information Technology is a municipal enterprise belonging to the city of Oulu Group, which operates the city and its organization as a centralized IT service supplier. It is responsible for the production of the city's critical infrastructure information system, customer support and information technology terminals, systems and applications according to the life cycle of procurement and services.

Currently, the city of Oulu has about 12,500 employees. Oulu Information Technology is responsible for some 3,500 mobile device maintenance, of which about 3,000 are to be integrated within the scope of the products carried out by Citrix for remote administration.

Citrix was selected through a careful process

Citrix solution delivered IT service Sofor, which is also responsible for system-related support and consulting services. Oulu Information Technology made for the tendering took an in-depth feasibility study because it wanted to ensure that the city would certainly suited the needs of mobile device management system invitation to tender.

The preliminary study surveyed the needs and possibilities of the new remote management system, as well as familiarized with the products on the market. Preparations are also raised new opportunities, such as location-aware functions and the City of appropriate pricing models, which later were considered in the invitation to tender.

"After six months of pre-feasibility study of Oulu Information Technology was ready to publish the invitation to tender, which would give the most economically advantageous mobile device management system for the City of Oulu," says Mikkonen.

Merely defeat competitors on the basis of invitation paper the comparison was not enough Sofor and Citrix declaring the winners of the competition: Oulu Information Technology of the invitation to tender stated that the tender submitted a comparison of the successful bidder the solution to be audited in the tender criteria. During the test environment, and the erection of a three-week in-depth audit was ascertained for the solution.

"Public Contracts governing public procurement where the failure is easy, if the contracting entity does not exactly know what they want, or leave without testing its feasibility in practice before making a decision. Sofor and Citrix passed a thorough appraisal process with honors, "says Mikkonen.

Hassle-free deployment

Oulu Information Technology will hold a wider range of possibilities for mobile applications The main reason for the introduction of remote management system. The city wanted to platform-independent and diverse remote management system. Common use equipment, users access their own personal files and versatile interfaces in Active Directory (Active Directory) were also at the forefront of a feature list.

Citrix XenMobile have been a number of tangible benefits. The remote management system make it easier for the deployment and installation of equipment, as well as in-service support services.

"The product has proved to be fully functional and professional services Sofor good. Citrix clearly to develop the product and listens end-user organziation," Mikkonen says.

Sofor and the second partner of Citrix Arrow ECS had a large role in the deployment of the system. All agreed work was carried out on schedule and with high quality.

"During the cooperation Sofor become a trade mark of 'what is agreed, it is also considered to be' attitude has made the interaction smooth and easy for the customer," says Mikkonen satisfaction.

Child care plays a key role

Oulu Information Technology will take advantage of XenMobilea versatile, but one of the key application areas can be found in a pair of early childhood education. Mobile city itself marketing the Oulu in day care centers is on developed to meet the needs of early childhood daisy application that makes the staff, and monitoring and reporting on the presence of children effortless. Information technology routines, the easing of the staff will have more time for children.

Staff use the application for smart phones by logging in to your personal NFC tags. The application works with a clock card for children whose parents are also an NFC tag. The application significantly streamlines the recording of arrivals and departures of children. For example, home to the departure time, children are usually playing outside. In this case, the home output can be recorded quickly and easily to the personnel involved in the phone, hand phone without typing anything. If the NFC tag has been forgotten journey, recording can also be done manually.

Use of personnel of phones always kept in the premises of the kindergarten. XenMobile system allows for the future use of location information utilizing the access code phones: If your phone remains in the kindergarten area, an access code is not necessary to enter, but the device leaving the area access code is switched on.

"The required level of security is realized, but the day to day functions and usability are not impaired. The IT solution at best, "says Mikkonen.

Remote management solution implemented enables Citrix products such as the Daisy application installation and updating centrally and automatically. In addition, XenMobile facilitate the joint use of phones and allows for easy communication, for example, push notifications.

"Early childhood plans of treatment based customer billing, which will raise the productivity of kindergartens - this means the best case, the children more time with their parents," says Mikkonen.

Only scratches the surface

Thanks to the good experience gained remote management system during the first half of the year, the next objective is to connect all mobile devices in the scope of remote management solution. The plans include launches of new services, such as elected officials of e-meeting service concept and practice of the educational use of tablets management schools.

City elected officials use the meetings of the joint use of the iPad devices, where they can read a future meeting materials Citrix ShareFilen without using third-party applications. Schools, in turn, are going to take advantage of remote management using Apple's volume licensing agreements, distribute learning programs and materials.

"XenMobile enables the development of new services in ways that without it would be a Utopian," says Mikkonen.

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XenMobile enables the development of new services in ways that without it would be a Utopian.
- Heikki Mikkonen

ICT Account Manager

City of Oulu


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