Ozona empowers a top-30 global engineering firm with high-performance CAD workspaces

To thrive in today’s global economy, an engineering company has to be able to put its full technical resources to work for clients anywhere. Citrix partner Ozona made it possible for professionals at one of the world’s top firms to collaborate from any location with full access to information, design models and high-end 3D applications.

Técnicas Reunidas, the biggest engineering company in Spain and Portugal, designs power plants all over the world. The company faced the challenge of making it possible for people in different places to work on the same design. Ozona implemented a solution that allows people working with CAD applications like Intergraph SmartPlant and others to share the same database and model.

Although Ozona is relatively small with just 80 employees, it has made a transformational impact on the capabilities of a global leader. Says Marcos Paredes, CTO of Ozona, “We think that to be the best, you don’t have to be the biggest. A company’s greatness is demonstrated in each of its actions.”

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