Viña Santa Rita improves results by unifying its IT infrastructure and strengthening mobility

Viña Santa Rita is one of the most prestigious premium wine producers and exporters in Chile and in the world. Over twenty years ago, it initiated a territorial expansion process that included grape production farms in different regions of Chile, in the province of Mendoza (Argentine Republic), and the opening of sales offices in Europe and the United States. Currently, its wines are distributed in more than 75 countries throughout the world.

The company was founded in 1880 by Mr. Domingo Fernández Concha, on the same land where the main installations of the company are located today. In 1997, Viña Santa Rita made its first entry abroad when it established the company Viña Doña Paula SA. Argentina. Six years later, the company Santa Rita Europe Limited was created in London to serve the European market, and in 2008 Santa Rita USA Corp was established with an office in Miami.

In 2013, it had profits of more than US$12 million, and the average price of its products increased by 2.62 percent.

Implementation of Citrix

"Our work requires a lot of information, which must be seen immediately in order to make decisions. For example, if there is a plant that has to be given a certain amount of water, depending on the temperature at that moment we need an accurate application for that process, because otherwise the plant and the fruit can be damaged. As such, we must receive that information immediately to be able to act properly," explains Sebastián Warnier, Agricultural Manager of Viña Santa Rita.

Given this scenario, in 2001 the Manager of Viña Santa Rita began to analyze technology for the purpose of carrying out the unification of its IT infrastructure and delivering its applications in a more efficient and secure way. "Before implementing Citrix solutions, we had client-server applications, which were installed in each workstation and were connected to a centralized database that operated from a remote location and was located in the datacenter in Santiago," remembers Alberto Guzmán, Assistant Manager of Systems of Viña Santa Rita, who has been with the company for over thirty years.

The cellar now has more than twenty locations, the largest part located in the rural areas of Chile and Argentina where often the quality of communications is not good, and updating the company's corporate applications would require long installation processes at the location, which is costly and not very efficient.

"The majority of those points are fields, wine plantations that are very far from Santiago with users that work with the agricultural applications entering data and sending it through very weak connections, generally radio, because the fields cannot be reached by fiber optics. Having different locations, and not having the same bandwidth and connectivity, the feasibility of achieving a good quality data connection with these remote points was difficult," explains Alberto Guzmán.

For that reason, to be able to meet the requirements of Agricultural Management, at the beginning of 2013 Guzmán began implementing applications based on the Windows environment on an infrastructure initially loaded with Citrix, and during the second half of the year installed new solutions, such as Citrix Receiver, XenDesktop, XenApp and NetScaler to be able to provide support to the access devices that were being added, such as tablets, smartphones, and notebooks with different operating systems.

Today, their use reaches a park of 400 terminals of which 170 are clients purchased at the start of the project and that are used in the locations that the company has in Limarí, Casablanca, Leyda and Curicó, among others.

"We are proud of this implementation's success, since it has extended the benefits of desktop virtualization to mobile devices so that the people from Viña can work with it at any location, at any time, without it mattering if they have a network connection or a basic connection. We believe that the greatest benefit after testing this technology was the increase in flexibility, productivity, and the levels of security and simplified control of administration," explains Erika Díaz, Citrix Field Sales Manager for the SOLA region.

The initial experience that the company had with Citrix motivated it to continue working with that technology and trusting in a more extensive product portfolio: "One of Citrix's greatest contributions is to make updated information available immediately so that the correct decisions can be made immediately. When a grapevine is planted, it is meant to remain in place for 50 years. If it is improperly placed, it is a mistake that lasts for 50 years," explains Alberto Guzmán.

"We are immersed in a global world. We produce different wines and we sell to more than seventy countries. In a wine shop, there are a great variety of brands. When the customer has to choose one of them to enjoy, he or she must be able to trust in the cellar. This entire process requires information, whether from the productive or economic point of view. When we ask ourselves how we can produce the best wine, we know that it would be very difficult without information, nearly impossible," concludes Sebastián Warnier.

Key Benefits

This allowed the company to have all of its corporate applications available in virtual desktops that can be accessed from any point in the vineyard. "If I can access my desktop in the vineyard, I am no longer working remotely but locally," Warnier gives as an example.

From the point of view of the IT infrastructure, the applications may be updated in a centralized way, avoiding security failures in the process and guaranteeing that all of the users receive the same level of service at that moment. "When we have to give remote support, we can take remote control of that station and even give remote training, showing the steps that must be followed when we implement a new version of the applications, and then the people in the field become aware of the new functionalities," Guzmán continues.

About Citrix

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One of Citrix’s greatest contributions is to make updated information available immediately so that the correct decisions can be made immediately.
- Alberto Guzmán

Assistant Manager of Systems

Viña Santa Rita