Habilite el acceso móvil a archivos de un almacenamiento heredado  

Legacy file servers still play a key role for IT. They hold business-critical files that are key to the success of their organization. They may also represent a crucial part of the organization's data center. They weren't built for the mobile age, though. To create a true digital workspace, those files must be accessible off the corporate network and from any device. But IT rarely has budgeted the time or money to migrate those files.

Citrix Content Collaboration connects to legacy repositories like SharePoint and network file servers. This turns Citrix Workspace into the single pane of glass for end users to access all their documents. No migration needed.

Sepa cómo hacerlo

Digital transformation requires anywhere, anytime access to files. Yet, many of those files remain locked in an on-premises file server. Citrix Content Collaboration connectors enable IT to provide mobile access to legacy repositories. Connectors are simple to set up, helping organizations modernize IT without data migration.

"Data sprawl," the fragmentation of data across many repositories, is common today. This creates a fragmented and disjointed experience for end users. This suboptimal experience frustrates users, which may lead them to use non-approved tools. Citrix Content Collaboration provides unified, consistent access to all your documents, no matter where they're stored.

IT recognizes that content collaboration is a key component of their digital transformation. As they roll out their chosen service, they may discover that end users have created "shadow IT" by using consumer file-sharing sites. Citrix Content Collaboration provides IT with the flexibility to manage this discovery a few different ways. First, they can choose to enable personal cloud connectors for a defined period of time. During that period, users must migrate all corporate data from personal file sharing services to Citrix Content Collaboration. Or, IT can choose to keep personal file sharing services available. Users can then connect their personal sites to their corporate content collaboration account. This simplifies access for users while giving IT control and oversight into documents.

Productos Citrix

Citrix Content Collaboration

  • Conceda a los usuarios permisos para determinados sitios de SharePoint o rutas de archivos de red.
  • Permita que los usuarios tengan un control de nivel inferior a los recursos internos, liberando a los departamentos de TI.
  • es posible realizar ediciones para Microsoft Office y anotaciones de PDF mediante Office 365 Connectors.


Conectores de zona de almacenamiento

Acceda con seguridad y comparta archivos de servicios de terceros.


Resumen de funciones de conectores de zona de almacenamiento

Descubra cómo los conectores de zona de almacenamiento solucionan el reto de TI de acceder a los datos desde fuera de la red corporativa.


La aplicación Citrix Files ayuda a resolver la dispersión de datos

Citrix Content Collaboration le da a la TI la seguridad de datos y el control que necesitan mientras satisfacen las necesidades de movilidad de los usuarios.