Citrix and Cisco Redefine Networking

Sharing a common vision for Application-First Networks in a Mobile-First, Cloud-First Era

Tiger Resort - Okada Manila Achieves Business Agility with Citrix ADC and Cisco ACI

Datacenter Automation with Cisco ACI and Citrix ADC

Ish Limkakeng, VP Product Marketing, Cisco advocates for our partnership in data center analytics with Citrix Application Delivery Management and Cisco Tetration

More than just a technology partnership, Citrix and Cisco are working together to redefine networking by enabling elastic, automated network infrastructures in the mobile-first, cloud-first era. With solutions that enable datacenter and cloud administrators to control network services in a unified manner, Citrix and Cisco are delivering integrated solutions that provide you with true cloud-service automation, deep network and application-level intelligence, fast service deployment, and simplified networking services.

Incrementally transform to automated and programmable networks

As part of this common vision, Citrix and Cisco are committed to delivering solutions that enable you to incrementally transform to truly automated and programmable networks. Citrix and Cisco believe that this process will allow you to leverage existing infrastructure investments while moving towards new elastic automated network infrastructures as represented by Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). Citrix and Cisco are partnering closely, with integrated products that deliver on a common vision of the Application Centric Infrastructure.

Best-in-class approach to next-generation, cloud-ready networks  

To achieve this goal, Citrix and Cisco have jointly integrated the Citrix Citrix ADC application delivery controller (ADC), with award winning Tri-Scale technology, as a strategic component of the Cisco datacenter and unified fabric solutions. This approach includes the integration of the Citrix ADC with Cisco Nexus 9000 switches. By coupling Cisco’s leadership in the data center with Citrix’s strength in application delivery, this partnership delivers a best-in-class approach to the design of next-generation, cloud-ready networks.

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