Build a foundation for next-generation security

Advanced malware and distributed-denial-of-service attacks are targeting every layer of the IT stack, and every business is at risk. Whether you’re a small company or a large enterprise, the need for a modern security solution that can defend against today’s top IT risks is a critical requirement.

Citrix ADC is fully equipped to defend networks, applications, and infrastructure from evolving security threats, and delivers the robust protection enterprises need to confidently manage service delivery.

Download the Citrix ADC Security Resource Kit to learn how you can deliver enterprise-grade protection for your entire IT ecosystem.

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Networking Resource Kit

Kit materials include:

  • Citrix ADC: A Powerful Defense Against Denial of Service Attack
  • NSS Labs Report: Web Application Firewall Comparative Analysis and Security Value Map
  • Citrix ADC – A foundation for next-gen datacenter security
  • Defend Web Properties from Modern Threats with Citrix ADC
  • Defend Hidden Mobile Web Properties