Make the Right Decision When Selecting an SSO Solution

Learn the 5 features you should prioritize

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Single sign-on solutions are meant to reduce cost of management, provide better security and an improved user experience, but with the evolution of applications and distributed architectural frameworks, most solutions fail to deliver these advantages. Making the wrong choice when choosing an SSO solution can result in a need for multi-vendor solutions, poor integration, a costly investment price, poor user experience and reduce productivity.

Learn about the essential features you should prioritize when evaluating a SSO solution. Read the eBook, “5 Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Single Sign-On Solution".

This eBook examines Single Sign-On solution considerations for:

  • SSO for distributed architectural frameworks
  • Secure access to Cloud, SaaS and on-premise applications
  • End-to-end app visibility for monitoring and troubleshooting

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