PC Magazine: Your Business, Staff, and Technology Are Not Prepared for Cyberattacks

PC Magazine covers the Citrix Ponemon security study, reporting that business, staff and technology are not prepared for cyber attacks. Several key stats are included in the piece, "Seventy-five percent of respondents don't believe their organizations are fully prepared to deal with the security risks resulting from the IoT. A similar number of respondents believe that an entirely new IT security framework is needed to improve security and reduce risk."

Cirix CSO Stan Black is also quoted outling a process to identify how to strengthen your security posture. He says, "companies that are not prepared to secure their business should take a broad, four-step approach to rectifying the situation. First, they should understand that they have a problem. Second, they should understand the scope and scale of the problem. Third, they should bring in people—employees or third-party consultants—to help them understand what's happening and what needs to be done. And fourth, they should recruit the additional talent needed to properly maintain their technology." 

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