CyberLinkASP Delivers Virtual Desktops from the Cloud

Citrix speaks with CyberLinkASP Managing Partner Chris M. Lantrip about CyberLinkASP's new service offering using Citrix XenDesktop.

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Citrix customer, CyberLinkASP, recently expanded its service offering to deliver virtual desktops to its customers from the cloud. Citrix posed a few questions to Chris M. Lantrip, managing partner of CyberLinkASP, about what the company sees as the opportunity for desktop virtualization and the cloud, and what the value proposition is for its customers.

Q. What kinds of solutions does CyberlinkASP offer to customers and what is your unique value proposition?
We’ve been delivering Windows based apps via Citrix XenApp™ for several years and have hundreds of small business clients that we host and manage from our Dallas datacenter. Our clients typically have small IT staffs and remote locations that must have access to mission critical applications anytime and anywhere. We basically serve as an extension to these firms’ IT staffs.  Utilizing XenApp in our proprietary datacenter has enabled our technical support and engineering staff to deliver a Fortune 500 IT experience to businesses of all sizes. Our ability to host, manage and support mission critical applications for end users all over the world has really set us apart.  

Q. How will you extend this value proposition with the new service offering with Citrix XenDesktop?
As a service provider, the Citrix XenDesktop® offering was appealing to us because of the integration with XenApp. It isn’t necessary for us to acquire both XenApp and XenDesktop to get the full functionality of both. The VDI platform along with a hypervisor, provisioning server, desktop delivery controller, and OS streaming allow us to deliver a much more robust solution to our clients. Over the past few years the application stack that we deliver to each of our end users has grown significantly. We’re experiencing more and more demand from IT managers who want us to assume the day-to-day management of their end user’s entire desktop, rather than just a single application. In response, we are now introducing what we call our DesktopLayer, which includes XenDesktop -  on demand, anytime and anywhere exclusively on SoftLayer’s best-in-class infrastructure.

Q. What kinds of customers will you serve with this service?
Our existing client base ranges from as small as a five-user office to multi-location firms spread out across the globe with close to 1.000 end users. Our intent is to roll out the entire XenDesktop offering to our existing clients and new enterprise users. The majority of the demand we see in this environment is from enterprise users with existing PCs administered one by one. We’re able to offer a secure, centrally managed datacenter solution to each unique user with the ability to administer and modify applications and user credentials in real time without impacting the whole.           

Q. What value did you see in using SoftLayer to deliver virtual desktops from the cloud?
SoftLayer has essentially created an IT infrastructure utility. The CloudLayer product integrates seamlessly with its dedicated server platform with provisioning times as quick as five minutes. Prior to utilizing SoftLayer’s infrastructure-as-a-service our product delivery time was dependent on hardware availability and procurement. With SoftLayer, our implementation time is almost instant and we’re still able to deliver a secure solution managed from an enterprise class datacenter. Combining XenDesktop with the help desk and engineering capabilities of CyberlinkASP along with instant computing resources available from SoftLayer dramatically reduces desktop lifecycle costs for the enterprise user.

Q. Are you looking to shift other services to SoftLayer?
Certainly; SoftLayer is rendering the traditional datacenter as we know it obsolete.  We envision having the ability to house and store customer data across multiple SoftLayer facilities in close geographic proximity to our end users, maximizing the end user experience across the globe.

Q. How do you see your customers’ needs evolving in the future?
We are seeing  most enterprises trending toward the eradication of physical infrastructure in their IT environments. It started with servers and is ending up all the way at the desktop. As Citrix would say “the virtual desktop revolution is here”. The days of having to literally touch hundreds of devices at users’ workstations are over. End users have become much more individually unique and mobile. They want the same access, performance and capabilities regardless of geography. That’s what we provide. Our DesktopLayer is the future.

CyberLinkASP released its new DesktopLayer on August 16. More information about the CyberLinkASP DesktopLayer can be found at