An Inside Look at the Vision and Development of Citrix CloudGateway

Members of the CloudGateway product team talk about the vision for CloudGateway as a key component for any company embracing the cloud.

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The industry is making the transition from the PC era to the cloud era and many organizations are at the forefront of embracing the cloud. But how to these companies provide a seamless experience of desktops, applications (including Windows, web, SaaS and native mobile apps), and data on the billions of devices that are being used by empployees today. And how to they make these applications available in a simple, secure manner. That is what Citrix CloudGateway helps organizations achieve.

In this video, you’ll hear directly from the team responsible for the development of CloudGateway - about the vision, the problem and the solution to enabling secure, anywhere, any time access to desktops, applications and data from the cloud.

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