Arca Continental aprovecha las soluciones de Citrix para impulsar el crecimiento y ampliar la base de clientes

2016 Citrix Synergy Customer Innovation Award Acknowledges Achievement

LAS VEGAS – MAY 24, 2016 – In many Latin American countries, small “mom-and-pop” grocery stores, or “tienditas,” make up the hub of the neighborhood, providing not only snacks and drinks, but a place to pay a bill, buy a phone, send a money transfer and more. They are essential to the livelihood of many rural communities. For Arca Continental (AC), one of the largest beverage and snack manufacturing companies in Latin America, much of their recent growth has come from expanding their customer base into new markets through strategic mergers and acquisitions. More than sixty percent of their customers are tienditas and much of the business mission centers on empowering these small business owners to succeed. At the same time, AC sells to large corporations and operates over 400 dispersed distribution centers, with over one million transactions daily and four million boxes of product delivered daily.

Citrix technology makes it possible for the processes and systems across this wide variety of companies to operate consistently and securely 24 hours a day, seven days a week so that customers of all sizes receive efficient and consistent service. In recognition of the success of the work it has done, Citrix has named Arca Continental as the winner of the 2016 Innovation Award. This award recognizes visionary partners who are using Citrix solutions to securely deliver apps and data while achieving business and organizational success, market share growth and competitive momentum that goes beyond the industry norm.


Congratulations to Arca Continental for winning this year’s Citrix Innovation award for excellence in IT leadership and digital business transformation. By empowering its workforce to securely access the data and apps they need to be productive anywhere from any device, the organization has dramatically simplified IT to deliver an exceptional end user experience. We’re inspired by Arca Continental’s use of Citrix solutions to quickly achieve new levels of employee productivity and efficiency, along with the business agility to scale with future growth and adapt to changing economic conditions.
- Tim Minahan

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer


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