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Citrix X1 Mouse with an iPad

Optimize the Windows experience on iPhone and iPad devices

Only Citrix X1 Mouse delivers the complete mobile workspace experience to iPad and iPhone devices by enabling mouse precision to virtual Windows apps and desktops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

iOS 8.3+, iPad3+, iPhone 5+, Windows PC (with Bluetooth 4.0), Windows 7, Windows 8, and Android 4+

Mice purchased from the Citrix Store or an authorized Distributor will have a 90 day warranty.  Mice obtained as part of the Citrix Synergy X1 Mouse giveaway do not qualify for a warranty. If an issue with a purchased Citrix X1 Mouse occurs, customers should follow the diagnostics instructions on the Citrix X1 Mouse website to troubleshoot their issue.  If the issue persists, customers should obtain their Order Number and enter a request for a replacement mouse on the Citrix X1 Mouse website. Once you submit a request for a return, Citrix operations will review your request and respond within 10 days.

Citrix agrees to ship the Citrix X1 Mouse within 5 days after order acceptance, tracking information will be provided with your X1 Mouse order.

Customers in USA, EU & Singapore can order mice from the Citrix Store and Distributors.  Customers located in Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Guatemala, San Marino, Macedonia, Albania, South Africa, Canada, Australia, India, Russia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Japan, China, Brazil, New Zealand, South Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, UAE, Israel, Argentina, Saudi Arabia can only purchase mice from Distributors.  All other restrictions are outlined at

Apple does not provide native mouse support for iOS.  The Citrix X1 Mouse communicates directly with Citrix Receiver or the new Citrix Workspace app as opposed to communicating with iOS. Citrix X1 Mouse and Citrix Receiver or Citrix Workspace app utilize Apple’s publicly supported APIs to establish the Bluetooth communication (BLE) between the X1 Mouse and Citrix Receiver/Workspace app. The mouse functionality is only available on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops hosted apps and desktops and Citrix ShareConnect, ShareConnect and GoToMyPC mobile apps, the mouse will not function for other iOS apps.   The mouse can also be used on a non-iOS device, in which case the X1 Mouse behaves just like a standard Bluetooth 4.0 mouse.

No.  The Citrix X1 Mouse delivers mouse functionality to Citrix Receiver/Workspace app, ShareConnect, ShareConnect and GoToMyPC apps on iPads and iPhones.  It functions as a standard Bluetooth-enabled mouse on Android, Mac and Windows devices.  X1 Mouse will not provide mouse functionality to non-Citrix iPad and iPhone apps.

Customers are urged to troubleshoot the mouse using the diagnostic instructions on (see below).  The Citrix Workspace app support team is trained to troubleshoot X1 Mouse integration issues, with Workspace app or Citrix Receiver, but physical issues with the X1 Mouse should be handled via the request a return form on  Customers are also encouraged to purchase Software Maintenance for their Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environments to get access to the latest troubleshooting tools, techniques and resources.

XenApp and XenDesktop 7.x and XenApp 6.5 have been tested and validated, but the mouse should work for all version of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops utilizing the Receiver for iOS 5.9.5 or higher.

  1. Install Citrix Workspace app.  This can be found by searching for “Citrix Workspace” in the App store. If you are still using Citrix Receiver, ensure that you are using Citrix Reicever for iOS 5.9.5 or higher. We do encourage moving your users to Citrix Workspace app, as beginning August 2018, updates and feature enhancements are going to only be available for Workspace app.
  2. Enable Bluetooth from iPhone or iPad. Enable the X1 Mouse by On switch on bottom.
  3. Start Receiver and Enable X1 Mouse from Settings options from top right Receiver menu.
  4. Press Connect button on mouse bottom.
  5. iOS pop-up will prompt to pair the mouse, press OK.
  6. Once paired you can see mouse cursor, please note that mouse click will work only inside the Citrix Virtual Apps or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops session, as well as within the Citrix GoToMyPC app, Citrix ShareConnect app, and Citrix ShareConnect app.
  7. In case of any issues (i.e. if not seeing mouse cursor)
    1. Kill the Receiver app by swiping up.
    2. Go to Setting->Bluetooth (locate Citrix X1 Mouse), press i, then Forget This Device.
    3. Follow the pairing process again as in #2-4.
    4. Make sure the Citrix X1 Mouse is connected to the intended iPad or iPhone, not a different Bluetooth enabled device.
  8. If the Citrix X1 Mouse still has issues, a request for a replace mouse can be submitted here.